Yagasu is an Indonesian Non-Government Organization (NGO) established on July 17, 2001. The initial establishment is to sustain the funded World Bank elephant conservation project run by Fauna & Flora International (FFI).
Our Publications
02 Mar 2016
Most loss of mangrove ecosystem is due to anthropogeniccauses: land conversion for intensive aquaculture (fish- and shrimpponds),illegal logging for woods and charcoals, and coastalconstructions for settlements and tourism acktivities. Data indicatethat program areas have been degraded for ...
30 Mar 2015
Most loss of mangrove forest ecosystem in Indonesia is due to anthropogenic causes: deforestation and land conversion for intensive aquacultures (fish- and shrimp-ponds), oil palm extension, illegal logging for woods and charcoals,construction for road and settlements and tourism activities. ...
29 Mar 2015
The earthquake and tsunami occurred on 26 December 2004 in Aceh resulted significant loss of human life, houses, local business and public facilities, and damage of settlements. The World Bank (2005) reported that 127,000 houses were completely destroyed, leaving approximately 600,000 ...
28 Mar 2015
Goal of this program is raising awareness to overcome knowledge barriers of local community, gain understanding local stakeholders and demonstrate public interest and concern in participation to species and forest conservation, green economic development, and climate change mitigation ...
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